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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Inspired By Peter Max

Last week when I showed my 'long term' zentangle Robin said it reminded her of Peter Max, an artist of the 60's.  I wasn't familiar with him so I looked him up and recognized images I had indeed seen before, especially the 'LOVE' one.
And I was inspired,
So I created this one.
Notice how Sunshine flew in to get herself in this?

Thanks for the inspiration Robin!!!  I SO needed it.


sukipoet said...

Ha! Peter Max, feels so San Francisco to me. Love him. You are now a Peter Maxette.

Sadami said...

Dear Teri,
Very lovely and touchy work, especially, Sunshine.
Kind regards, Sadami

Alexandra said...

It's really wonderful, Teri. I LOVE it alot. :)

Robin said... absolutely joyful! This is a great tribute to Peter Max.....and to Sunshine! I was happy to *introduce* you to Peter Max!


♥ Robin ♥

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I love this zentangle, with it's bright colour. It's lovely to see Sunshine's appearnace.

I will look up this artist - I'll bet I also recognize some of his work.

Thanks for sharing your lovely zentangle full of energy, and creative inspiration!
Have a great day!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Just thought I'd get back about Peter Max - certainly very prolific. I like some of his images with President Obama.
I remember art similar to this, which may have been influenced by this amazing artist.
I looked him up on him Wikipedia. Just a few years ago he donated a large sum of money, from the sale of a painting, to allow a cow who had escaped a slaughter house, and remained at large for some time, Cicci, a permanent home in a sanctuary. This was a nice story.

Kay said...

I still have my Peter Max posters from the 70's! Love your tribute

marianne said...

Wow perfect one!
Lovely in all ways and I love Sunshine appearing in here!

Mim said...

I used to love Peter max paintings. Did you know that he came from a rich family and said that one reason he was so creative is that he never had to clean up after himself. Can you imagine that?
I've been catching up on your posts and hope that your eye keeps getting better. The golden girls look lovely and I'm glad you got home safe and sound.

Julie said...

Sunshine!!!!! Hello!!!

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